Our Work the Virginia College Fund Does


Our Mission:

Our mission is providing our member institutions the resources that will ensure their students an affordable, value-based education that prepares them for success in a  global economy.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become a self funded organization and assist the member institutions in sustainability through collaboration and cost effective operations.

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is 100% of every dollar donated will be distributed to our member schools as intended. The four colleges cover 100% of the administrative costs of the fund, which is audited annually and carries the coveted Better Business Bureau Charity Seal.

Why Support Our Work?

The following are some reasons that Virginia Businesses and foundations might consider support to the Virginia College Fund:

  • Member institutions are fully accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Member institutions have provided accredited educational programs to Virginia students for a combined 569 years
  • 94 percent of 2013-2014 total enrollments comprise Virginia residents
  • 31 percent of 2013-2014 total enrollments are minorities
  • 20 percent of 2013-2014 total enrollments are First Generation College Attendees, the first of their families ever to attend college
  • 49 percent of 2013-2014 total enrollments represent low-to-moderate income families
  • 91 percent of our 2013-2014 total enrollments require some type of financial aid in order to pursue their dreams of a higher education
  • More than $128 million in general operating funds was expended into the Virginia economy last year, none of which fell as a burden to Virginia's corporate or individual tax payer
  • The average endowment for our member schools was $18.8 million dollars
  • The average tuition for our five schools is $26,825.00, the average annual comprehensive cost is $38,539.00, and the average assistance grant or award is $23,709.00 (61%)