Editorial from Richmond Times-Dispatch

Rural Virginia townWe have some good news and we have some ambiguous news.

Let’s start with the good news: Northern Virginia really has become a global center for technology companies. That’s not just some hype out of the governor’s office, but something validated in a recent report on technology startups worldwide — “The Global Startup Ecosystem Report,” an annual study by Startup Genome, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that studies such things.

Each year, Startup Genome ranks the top 40 cities in the world for starting and growing new companies — think of this as the pop charts of the new economy. The Washington metro area didn’t even make the top 40 until 2017. This past year, it made the top 20 for the first time — landing at No. 19. This year it’s up to No. 11. No other city in the world (and while the report might use the term “city,” it really means the wide metro area) has risen so fast.

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